Digitization and customer centricity processes,

  • Making the business case for adaptation to focus on the customer.
  • Developing strategic scenarios and exploring opportunities for people-centered innovation from the analysis of behaviour , trends and new technologies in development.
  • Helping build Personas ,Empathy Maps, Customer Journey Maps, to identify opportunities for improvement and design new customer experiences.
  • Advising on the end-to-end digitization of processes.
  • Accompanying teams in their transformation to the agile and customer-centric mentality and work systems .

Strategic and operational marketing support programs ,

  • Training critical and systems thinking as a basis for strategic design.
  • Diagnosing and proposing roadmaps to incorporate responsiveness brands and marketing teams .  
  • Conducting a strategic content curation project.  
  • Facilitating workshops for the development of team dynamics and marketing skills and project management innovation .  
  • Giving lectures on topics of marketing , strategy and organization .  
  • Leading content creation Thought leadership .  
  • Conducting assessments of strategic plans and integrated creative briefs .

As a professor in post-graduate and In Company programs, I design and impart training modules about:

  • Customer Experience Design.
  • Customer Engagement through sponsorship strategy and activation.
  • Responsive Organizations


To create effective systems of engagement we need the right marketing technology but it’s not enough. We must adapt our culture and organizational structure to focus on the customer, constantly learn about it and personalize the experience through adaptation to the context of the content and experiences.

To achieve excellence in this new scenario, we must get used to living amidst of and benefit from constant change and the best way to achieve this is by adopting a responsive mindset. We make it happen by fostering independence, transparency, continuous learning and full collaboration between internal and external talent. In short, strategic and operational agility.

If you want to know how your organization can become responsive or specifically want to introduce and consolidate your marketing team agile mindset, please contact me and let’s talk about how to make this possible.


Hyperconnection is the new reality by which we are permanently connected and potentially able to access almost anyone or any content immediately and massively. That is, unfiltered, unedited, with little time to devote to the selection of sources and specific content that can shed light on our business objectives.

You can automatically set some filters, but the best investment of your time is to select a content curator in whose criteria and way to look at reality you trust. Someone able to understand and focus on your strategic goals and help you inspire your teams to apply through internal projects the lessons learned from sectors very close or very far from yours.

I spent years playing that role from within a major FMCG company and lately publicly on social networks. Now, for some customers, I designed a bespoke service that might interest you. If you want to contact me about that, I’ll be happy to assess it in a personal conversation.


At the heart of the new paradigm of marketing we find customer experience. In the design and implementation of a system of engagement to ensure that we always live up to our promise in a context appropriate way. The transformation is first and foremost cultural and is supported by people with the proper use of technology.

There are several tools and processes that will help us, as marketers, reach the most important goal for a brand: to get to accomplish in the client’s skin and truly act on their behalf , and not vice versa.

If you want to talk about how to address this transformation , or if you are upfront about it and want to sharpen your team’s ability to design excellent brand experiences for people, starting is as easy as filling out this form .


As an advertiser or agency , creative , media , or unclassifiable , you may want the point of view of a hybrid , his eyes focused on the customer and your relationship with your brand in a multitude of moments and contact points, digital and physical.

I can make you uncomfortable questions  forcing you to challenge your assumptions, and focus on the technological and social scenarios  for which you, knowingly,  have to be prepared in a short time.   

If you would like to know how I can help you innovate in your – or your customer’s – branding , review strategic and operational consistency of your plans and projects in a hyper-connected world , or , whatever strategic challenge you want to pose , you are invited to get in touch .

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